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Kosher-Vegan, Vegan-Kosher - blog post by KLBD Worldwide Certification

29 Jul 2021 11:23 AM | Anonymous

Why Kosher certification creates confidence for the vegan consumer 

Just this morning I came across an article in a national food magazine saying meat and dairy had been found in a vegan product sold under a supermarket brand. This quickly removes consumer confidence from the brand not just the products.

Both meat and dairy as well as fish and grape are sensitive ingredients within kosher which means there are extra rules applied to them when certifying products as kosher.

A vegan product, which comes under the kosher classification of “Parev”, (meat and dairy free although Parev can contain eggs), would not be able to be produced on the same machinery as meat or dairy without having a 24 hour stop and a full kosherisation of the line, a very deep clean at a very high temperature to avoid contamination.

This removes the chances of cross contamination like the one found this week in a vegan product.

Many people look for the KLBD kosher logo on products for this reason alone. In the USA many people believe Kosher products to be cleaner and healthier than a product without this certification and more than 50% of products that are able to certify kosher there will have a kosher logo on them. KLBD products are exported worldwide including the USA and Israel.

If you are interested in hearing more about kosher for your products, have a look at our website but please contact me too for a chat 15% discount of your first year’s certification for all members.

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