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News and Updates from our Export Service Provider Members

AFEX - Trevor Charsley, Senior Market Advisor at AFEX The UK and EU recommenced on October 21st with a view to agreeing a deal by mid-November, possibly Friday 13th. So, everything is great then?

Unfortunately not. According to Michael Dougan, Professor of European Law, the deal agreed will be so minimal that there ‘may as well be no deal at all’ and even with a deal, there will be many barriers to trade.

Read on here for the full article

ROYTHORNES – Guide to Commercial Contracts in light of the Covid Pandemic

Our major law firm member, Roythornes, has produced a guide which looks at the issues relating to commercial contacts in the light of the pandemic.  This guide goes through the questions you should consider before you look at taking any disputes further. We are sure there will be plenty of possible disputes, but whether businesses have the contacts to back up their claims in another question.

The guide is available to download here

AMIVET  - Export Health Certificates

Brexit is fast approaching and there is still uncertainty over what this means for exporters of food products of animal origin to the EU and Northern Ireland. There are unanswered points about whether EU POAO can be brought to the UK for reexport, whether or not they are further processed in GB. We are at the forefront of trying to get answers.

Should you have any questions please check our regularly updated Brexit webpage or get in touch

Ashbury - Labelling for Brexit

“BREXIT – It’s that word again! Transition is fast approaching and with this comes some critical changes and many uncertainties. The complexities of labelling legislation continue to be amplified by the evolving situation surrounding the UK, Northern Ireland, and the European Union. To help you on this journey Ashbury have put together an explanation of the 6 key labelling changes you should be considering, taking into account the rules for Northern Ireland and some of the frequently asked questions we have received, you can read this here.”

KLBD Worldwide Kosher Certification had an excellent ongoing relationship with Margaret Henderson the DIT representative in Tel Aviv Israel until her retirement at the end Of September.  We wish her the very best and look forward to the same fantastic relationship with Shoshi Griver. Both KLBD and the DIT Israel have helped many companies export their products to Israel. 

Please remember that as an FDEA member KLBD gives 15% discount on their first year’s Kosher Certification.

Contact: Sharon Feldman-Vazan

CBBC - " Events in November

Foreign Dairy Brands vs. China's Domestic Giants: How to Milk the China Opportunity - November 26

China Skinny will share insights into both foreign and domestic dairy brands to highlight what is and isn't working in the China market.‚Äč

More information and registration details here: How to milk the China Opportunity

WTA Group  It's never been more vital to have an expert managing the international distribution of your food products, especially if your products are temperature sensitive.

At WTA Food, we've been a part of the growing food industry for over a century, delivering service excellence and value worldwide.

WTA Food has just published a blog around "Understanding Temperature control when transporting your food" 

Click here to view online

Export by Vets
Part of VetPartners, Export by Vets are at the forefront of global export health certification.

This dedicated veterinary business supports the UK food export industry nationwide ensuring manufacturers and exporters receive the highest quality certification and experience on site, on time and on demand.
Jim Morris, business development director at VetPartners and Exports by Vets lead, shares with us his top 10 challenges to look out for....

Read the full article here.

Formation of EEC Common Market for Organic Agricultural Products On October 20, the Eurasian Economic Commission approved a draft road map for the formation of a common market for organic agricultural products within the EEC.   The roadmap includes common requirements for manufacturing practices, labeling, import, etc.  A primary goal of the EEC common market is to allow free circulation of organic goods and reduce the administrative burdens of business in mutual trade within the Eurasian Economic Union. 

Link to EEC article

On 11th November  National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China (NHC) approved 4 new food additives, inc 3 new food additives with expanded scope (monascus red, citric acid, sucralose) and 1 processing aid with expanded scope (sodium polyphosphate). On 12th November, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) issued 5 new food additives passing the technical review of the CFSA Expert Review Committee and now opens for public comments. The deadline for public comments is 5 Dec. CIRS provides all food regulations in China. For detailed information, please kindly contact CIRS Europe office.


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