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French Market Share insights from FDEA Member Sutralis

02 Mar 2021 2:09 PM | Sandra Sullivan (Administrator)

Food spending by the French in FMCGs rose by 8.8% between 28 December 2020 and 24 January 2021, marked in particular by the curfew which boosted the online by 2.2 points to 9%. A very favourable context in which groups of independents continue to gain ground, with Leclerc in the lead, closely followed by Intermarché.

Against this context, high-performing internet brands are showing spectacular growth. Starting with the leader Leclerc whose drives alone represent 3.7% of the market share. These have attracted more than 500,000 additional customers. The number of orders is up +33%. Overall, Leclerc recorded a jump of +0.7 points to 22.3% over the period.

Only the Mousquetaires group was able to compete. It gained +0.6pt to 15.7% market share thanks to its internet channel, but also by the performance of its Intermarché brand. To complete the trio, Système U recorded the third highest increase in market share: +0.4 pt to 11%.

Accustomed to playing the leading roles, Lidl finds itself this time outdistanced with a gain of +0.1 point to 6.7%. And this with 400,000 additional customers. Its absence on the drive circuit and early closures due to the curfew have certainly slowed down the distributor's dynamics. However, Lidl's love rating gains 3 points, which places Lidl in second place behind E.Leclerc, while its image also strengthens on price (+1pt; rank 1) and on promotion (+4pts; 4th rank)

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